The Safety & Health Excellence Awards

Award Criteria

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Best Health & Safety In Manufacturing

This category is designed to recognise a manufacturing premises, which can demonstrate either an exemplary health and safety record or how it has taken significant steps to improve health and safety standards. Entrants must explain how they have ensured the health, safety and wellbeing of anyone who had access to or worked at the premises.

The entry must relate to a premises or project and not reflect on health, safety or wellbeing earlier than 1 January 2022.

Key tips for your entry

1. Keep information simple

Please keep your sentences short and easy to understand. Not all of the judges are technical experts so please don’t assume they will know acronyms or technical lingo. Simply submit your text in language that is clear, precise and simplistically highlights the merits for its submission.

2. Product must be new

We will disqualify any entry that related to a project that began earlier than 1 January 2022 so please ensure that your entry meets this criteria or it will not be accepted. Your campaign must have been successfully launched no earlier than 1 January 2022. If it is found to have been launched prior to that date you will be disqualified.

3. You do not have to be an exhibitor of the Fire Safety Event, Health and Safety Event or any otherexhibition organised by Western Business Media to be eligible to enter the awards.

4. Provide detail about the performance of the campaign

The judges need to know details on how and why the project was launched and the positive impact it has made. Please provide verifiable evidence that the initiative has resulted in significant improvements to either the health, safety, fire safety of persons or premises.

5. Legal proceedings

If your company has been subject to any prosecution in relation to fire safety law or health and safety law since 1 January 2022, or has been subject to any enforcement notices, then your entry will automatically be disqualified.

The following entry questions are to be used for the Best Health in Manufacturing category below:

  1. Premises Name
  2. Company Website
  3. Project/Premises Description (max 50 words)
  4. Project Launch Date
  5. In no more than 250 words, please provide details of what the challenges were at thepremises.
  6. In no more than 250 words, please tell us how you implemented a project to improve health,safety and/or wellbeing standards at the premise and include details on any partners or keystakeholders.
  7. In no more than 250 words, please detail the results of the project including evidence of anymeasurable improvement to health, safety, fire safety or wellbeing for individuals or premises.
  8. In no more than 50 words, please write a profile/summary of your premises/project. This willbe used for the judging panel as well as for publicity purposes on the Awards night.

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