The Safety & Health Excellence Awards

Award Criteria

Icon : Best Use of Health and Safety Data to Lower Incident Rates

Best Use of Health and Safety Data to Lower Incident Rates

This award recognises organisations that have endeavoured to collect data linked to risk control systems and health and safety management arrangements with an aim to analyse routine data and better understand the likelihood of future events. They will have shown exceptional understanding of leading indicators and be able to demonstrate how they plan to better understand incidents in order to protect their workforce.

Key tips for your entry

1. Keep information simple Please keep your sentences short and easy to understand. Not all of the judges are technical experts so please donʼt assume they will know acronyms or technical lingo. Simply submit your text in language that is clear, precise and simplistically highlights the merits for its submission. 

2. You do not have to be a client of Western Business Media to be eligible to enter the awards. 

3. Provide detail about the performance of how the company has taken steps to analyse health and safety data to help reduce incidents. The judges need to know details on how the company has used this data to make a positive impact within an organisation or partner organisation. Please provide verifiable evidence that their contribution has directly resulted in significant improvements to either the health, safety or wellbeing of persons or premises. 

4. Legal proceedings

If the individual or your company has been subject to any prosecution in relation to fire safety law or health and safety law since 1 January 2023, or has been subject to any enforcement notices, then your entry will automatically be disqualified. 

The following entry questions are to be used for the campaign of the year category below: 

1   Nominee Name

2   Company Website

3   Nominee Job Title

4   In no more than 250 words, briefly describe the health and safety performance challenge you tackled (using data) in your organisation pertinent to you and your industry.

5   In no more than 250 words, explain what Data-driven improvements in health and safety performance did you achieve as a result of using your data more effectively? Did your incident rate decrease?.

6   In no more than 250 words, please describe what leading indicators were set-up or used to drive improvements? Did you plug key data gaps?.

7   In no more than 250 words, please explain if this lead to organisational performance improvements as well as health and safety improvements?

8   In no more than 250 words, please explain what resources you found most helpful to inform new health and safety data practices?

9   In no more than 250 words, please write a profile of why this organisation is deserving of the nomination. This will be used for the judging panel as well as for publicity purposes on the Awards night.

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